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Puberty and Hygiene


The Norris School District Nurses present a “Girl to Woman” and a “Boy to Man” parent/student night to present puberty and hygiene to our students. The main purpose of this program is to increase your child's knowledge and understanding of the changes their bodies will undergo during puberty. This program is for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students in our elementary schools. 

Always Changing and Growing: Boys Puberty Education Video

Always Changing and Growing: Girl Puberty Education Video


Good hygiene plays a critical role in promoting a positive self-image in our students and is fundamental for learning and reinforcing healthy habits. Good hygiene consists of dental care, hand washing, bathing and body care. We encourage these good hygiene strategies at school, and we ask that you help teach these habits and reinforce them at home.

Dental hygiene should be practiced two to three times daily. This includes brushing of teeth and tongue, and flossing daily.

We encourage frequent hand washing at school and is something we do everyday that you might not consider as fundamental hygiene practice. It helps prevent infection, and spread of germs to others. Please encourage frequent hand washing at home. 

It is important to bathe everyday. Starting around third grade (sometimes sooner) students will start producing body odor when sweat glands under the arms begin full production. Using deodorant or antiperspirant helps with sweat and body odor. Clothes and socks can get stained, and dirty, so you need to change them often.

We hope your student has a wonderful school experience.  We are committed to meeting the health and safety needs of each child.