Norris School District

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About Us


We, of the Norris School District, are committed to providing our students and staff with an effective and efficient learning environment.


We believe in building close relations with students, parents and citizens.
We feel schools should be used as a focal point for community activities as well as for educational programs.


We will serve all students in our schools, acknowledging their unique backgrounds, cultures and differences. We will offer programs and services to our staff and to the community at large.


We will strive to provide learning experiences to students in ways that take into account their unique learning styles. We will provide learning opportunities that are challenging and meet the instructional needs of all our students. We will utilize new technology to help both students and teachers achieve success. We recognize that the success of our children depends on the involvement and participation of their parents. We will embrace parent education programs as a vital link between schools and home.


We will communicate openly and honestly with the community. We will allow for educational decisions to be made at the level closest to where learning takes place.

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